Please keep a good heart that can’t bear the suffering of others.

Do I wonder if anyone would feel sorry for seeing a title like “Tammei Shinkansen” like Kellogg?Instead of pressing a happy smiley face!This image is from the Weather Risk Weather Fan Page, founded by Dr. Peng Qiming in 2003 and is also a weather anchor for a well-known Buddhist television station.Somehow, while others are suffering, the team is still in the mood to write about their own creativity, the big sign: “Tammei Shinkansen”, the sub-sign: “Saturday morning Okinawa departure, Monday morning direct to Hokkaido.”The message on the fan page was later suspected to have been deleted, with the following image showing: ‘Most about is selected, so some replies may have had been has filtered out.’, which Kylo feared might trigger the so-called Butterfly Eff ect (butterfly effect).

Pictured: Commenton on weather risk WeatherRisk fan page deleted and related responses

Private reposting of the original message to WeatherRisk (pictured below) received a reply: “Hello, in response to the term Tanmei Shinkansen, we describe it as moving very fast, with no other meaning, or disrespect for anyone.E-news or media coverage is not our voluntary sending or buying news media, we only open to our Facebook community and the official website.For your comments, we will also discuss and think again, to avoid media distortion or the direction of the title, thank you.”

Kylo was surprised from an uncomfortable title, even from a more than 86,000 fans of the po text, the major media hyped reports, from professional media people to take the lead, to be transferred to personal web pages, and even opened a new dialogue window on this topic, a lot of articles, which have a lot of not into the purpose of the message, let Kylo looked straight shaking his head.As for WeatherRisk’s reply, Kylo pondered why the other butterflies were to blame if they were the first butterfly to flap their wings.Look at the Tammy Shinkansen map file was reprinted related press releases, really, Taiwan a lot of hype to do the news, sent so much, but always copy to copy the lack of good Chen!The media followed up also published like this year’s 24 typhoons do not enter the door, quasi-typhoon Kang Yu “looks” like coming towards Taiwan and so on, please take life to waste some meaningful people on things!Don’t continue to make a fuss or retweet trampling on the lives of others as a joke.

I do not know once upon a time, we have lost the feeling of the heart!Not just the media, I do not know that people around the more and more cold, even people who know people seem to be less concerned about the actual situation of the other side (whether the current mood is low, job instability, related resources lack, poor situation, etc.), and then self-righteously humorous, these are not more detailed in this.In short, these are our valuable mirror, Kylo is also often reminded themselves: respect for others is also respect for themselves!In today’s society, people are morally bankrupt, there are not many people who have good and compassionate hearts, if you still have such a heart can not bear the suffering of others, please keep it.

As with the word Shinkansen, why this article doesn’t make people feel bad: Tammy will sweep across Japan’s present-day Okinawa to cancel 260 flights. Rarely seen intelligent reporters, not blindly follow the flow of headlines, he described the speed of the typhoon as the Shinkansen generally as fast, rather than the use of WeatherRisk-led the title, seems to be the Tanmei typhoon as the Shinkansen, and then take the lead in triggering the media reporters related to the irrelevant title.Perhaps the fan page to make the picture is not meant to be slanderous or to play with others unfortunately, but today WeatherRisk mistook the theme, other journalists may not think about the reference, and then a series of so-called sprinkling of dog blood title, please look at the affected households in the eyes of people, how embarrassing?It is not easy because of the 311 earthquake, the Japanese sense of friendship with Taiwan increased, our follow-up feed is invisible, when you meet the Japanese in the corner of the world, know that you are Taiwanese, and then he gave you a big thumb, even if you did not donate half a dime to Japan.There are many things in this world that include disaster smaller, but if one person is a good idea, believe that is big enough, can transform or reduce these invisible things.

I do not know whether we have felt in the last 10 years as long as there is a disaster, are a disaster, the more recent disaster more and more serious, such as this year has not known the first few are Super Typhoon (super strong platform), perhaps these are the warning from God, but we are corrupt, we are still obsessive.How to cultivate empathy, similar words such as “back mountain xx”, “guarding the sacred mountain”, “Tanmei Shinkansen” and so on.These are really not funny, and damage their personality, suggest that the future may be in the interview of journalists, should be accentuated with empathy this face-to-face assessment, as well as testing whether to speak honestly.Remember to see Xie Zuwu once filmed a network drama, from the SELFPICK team produced the Bar (private room), the content of the public sector to do things will only meet the flattering officer, really not worth the people to learn, see the warm and cold, these all walks of life are applicable, we need is a society with the same sense, people drowning, People are hungry, their own heart, only their own hold, let us together to reflect on again. (If you can’t watch it, click here)

Private Room THE BAR – Episode 1: Old Pal – YouTube (starting at 6:58)

The original message was left on the Fan Page: “Indeed, just as the previous typhoon hit the east, but under the title of the National Guard, completely disregarding the feelings of the easterners, this society needs a little more to others suffering the same mind, the power of the corner of society is small, the voice is also very small, but also need basic respect.” Media people like public figures, but also affect the international perception of our Taiwanese, the media spread out of the content, as long as the world has the network of places to see, Taiwan’s media written content, representing all Taiwanese such a collection of nouns, but also need to lead by example! Please give the society a good example, we work together! Let the society more and more love, more caring and compassionate heart.”

Finally, to share with you a young age, born in a country not rich in all aspects, the bottom of the social things to ensure a full of enthusiasm and love, on the contrary, we were born in Taiwan, not worried about eating and wearing, is it more capable of showing our love for all mankind?Alice Phoebe Lou, a creative singer born in Cape Town, Africa (Cape Town, South Africa), launched her own music project in 2013 and came to Berlin, Germany, alone, a little girl who was just 18 years old with just 500 euros , about t$20,000, in North Germany, Kellogg knew that her only person only about to pay her a month’s rent in Berlin, but she bravely stepped out of the border, and in the street singing, trying to use music to awaken people forgotten for a long time, is also the most original good thoughts, after several years of efforts, her voice was slowly discovered, There’s also some stage for performances. . .At Performance . . . Alice Phoebe Lou TEDx Berlin said she didn’t want to be famous and make big money, because most of the so-called political and business celebrities in society, mostly follow edgy desires, want power to make a lot of money, make fame to make a lot of money, and more, but more can not satisfy their own desires.And she just wants to simply contribute her own music and songs to this society.The light she shines on her is to start from a good heart, to share the light and love to this society, only love, is the seed to make this society better and better.This Alice Phoebe Lou’s song Society (Society), who in the corner of society wants to care?People always say it’s something they do when they retire with money and have free time.Perhaps we can start with caring for the help, accompanying family and friends, slowly cultivate the same sense of suffering for others, this society should not just be money, status or how much power to comment on a person’s achievements, high sand, there is a lot of things we can not see, with more money or fame can not buy, Please also cherish those around who still love you, cherish each of its valuable fate.(If you can’t watch it, click here)
Video: Alice Phoebe Lou – Society 

Music Video and Lyrics by Alice Phoebe Lou

Oh, he stands in front of m
eAnd he’s staring manical
ly screaming oh soci
ety what has you done to 
e? The make i’ve tread so many yea
rs All this this sing and sweat a
nd tearsJust to be inside in
side macand do just what
i’m told If only i had ha
d has so boldBut now my body
‘s getting old And times
is oh so golden if only 
nly it can be farbut but you
took it 
From meOh society you to
ok it away fro
m meoh, my liberty oh you 
took it away
from meOh, society you

took it away from m E When you brainwashed me with mae 
sofs of how i bod beShaped me and raped me
in myarity meande med. 
MeTold me mae i can and can not seeT
akes me and shook me
Of my urges to be free
Photo: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One) at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh

The embodiment of traditional culture: Tjakudayi – Let’s talk about love

Watan Tusi, also artistic director of TAI Body Theatre, is also an artist from the Lishan tribe.Dusit), this director’s work Tjakudayi I love what you say?Is a work from 2013 began to germinate and cultivate works, a group of TAI group members to and from the Pingdong to Yixiang row Bay tribe, to learn from the elderly, personally experience the traditional culture of the town, from the mountains to pick up water pipes, weaving and cover traditional slate houses, through the physical labor, the regiment will be the body of Awareness (awareness), By Footprint (foot spectrum) to Embody (reflect) the body’s perception, this time “I love you how to say”, the performance has deep cultural connotations, appreciate this rich row of the bay of human customs production at the same time, together feel love!

Watan Tusi, also artistic director of TAI Body Theatre, is also an artist from the Lishan tribe.Dusit), this director’s work Tjakudayi I love what you say?Is a work from 2013 began to germinate and cultivate works, a group of TAI group members to and from the Pingdong to Yixiang row Bay tribe, to learn from the elderly, personally experience the traditional culture of the town, from the mountains to pick up water pipes, weaving and cover traditional slate houses, through the physical labor, the regiment will be the body of Awareness (awareness), By Footprint (foot spectrum) to Embody (reflect) the body’s perception, this time “I love you how to say”, the performance has deep cultural connotations, appreciate this rich row of the bay of human customs production at the same time, together feel love!

Photo: Kellogg’s at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 with Shin Soyyong on the streets of the Royal Mile to promote the show

Name: Tjakudayi Let’s talk about love
Location: National Performing Arts Center – National Theater & Concert Hall (Experimental Theatre)
Address: 21-1 Zhongshan South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, MRT: Zhongzheng Memorial Hall Station NO. 5 Exit
Show Time:
2018.6.22 (Fri)19:30
2018.6.23 (Sat) 19:30
2018.6.24 (Sun)14:30
Get Tickets:

Pictured is Ising Suaiyung (with the new character) one of the soul members of the TAI Body Theatre in the play Tjakudayi.SoyYong), a graduate of the National Donghua University Multicultural Institute, in addition to the love of performance work, but also a row bay poet.In 2015, Kylo posted a flyer at Royal Mile at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a new dress from the beautiful Cove family.”This dance is originally adapted from a new novel of the same name, through the love songs of the Row Bay people to write love, because the Laiyi tribe has been hit hard by the eight-eight wind disaster, in the writing inevitably there are many projects on the tribe to move to the village.”The fun of these love songs comes from the double obscurity and straightforwardity of speaking out about the various imaginations of the person you like, but still vaguely not making people know who the clear object is.Guess the fun, make the ballad open and creative.This year’s version is almost detached from the novel, groping ballads as carriers of emotional expression, and corresponding to changes in the foot spectrum.From: choreographer Vadan.Toshie turns the traditional earth in “Dancing With the Land” 2018-06-01

In Taiwan, people who have lived under the colonies for more than 400 years, faced with the loss of culture, and the basic self-identification of “who Am I” are still the process that most ethnic groups are going through.And a theater focused on Taiwan’s indigenous culture, we think about how to use the body’s movements in the form of a theater to present the cultural meaning to be expressed, as if how to break the traditional culture pieced together into their own part, and these pieces of the puzzle, in fact, originally belong to their own fragments.

Because Carol’s good friend Yi-Hsin, so that Kylo has the opportunity to visit pingdong to Yixiang, than because of the eight wind disaster moved to the village of the mountain under the new home, Kylo more like the mountain environment, but also can imagine the new final said that the intricate cut constantly and even chaotic mood, need to rely on the clan people together to clear the finishing.There are many ways in which TAI Body Theatre uses body perception to transform its footspectrum, trying to sort out certain emotions in the process, in addition to indirectly assisting people who have also experienced cultural fractures, but also expecting non-indigenous audiences to have a deeper understanding of the Indigenous people.

The broad art therapy, also known as expressive art therapy, includes art, music, drama, dance and other methods, so that we can use a more relaxed way, naturally from the process to reveal the mind of the mind, by leading the guidance to understand themselves, towards the body and mind Well-being (health).One of the long-term cooperative tribes, Hualien County Xiulin Township Truku Du Xinxuan, the return: “I think your method is very good, from several times with your experience, I observed that the first, expressional art healing is acceptable to the people of the clan, and they like, the focus is also helpful to them.”

The little stories of studying in Edinburgh together

Two years after leaving the UK, this was the last Taiwanese friend to meet in Edinburgh, who accompanied him to the clothing store to buy warm clothes, but insisted on not taking pictures and not showing his face, and this time I was convinced, because I said this is my last photo of leaving Edinburgh to remember you, and finally gave me a side face.Attached to the picture is a youssef postcard chocolate pound cake made when Carol’s hand itch, Europe is really a baking paradise, dairy products and large ovens are readily available, and very cheap, really do not do dessert will be sorry for their own point, even if the endless papers, writing essays, Unfinished case records (since Kylo was the largest of the class’s 28 students at the time, the trainee (art psychotherapy intern), with a total of 15 and about half of the children’s and women’s groups). Busy or steal an empty baked goods (their own greed also dare to say so nice, ha – – ).

Pictured above is the cold weather in Edinburgh; the top left is the cafe Lovecrumbs, which locals also recommend; the bottom left, the bottom of the middle and the bottom of the August sun-kissed look, the lower one is the healing time of the hard work of studying abroad; and the bottom right is a good friend of The Big Doctoral, always sneaking through Carol Hand-made food photos often reveal his good hungry messages

Remember that even if the blizzard outside you are the first to come to my party, really moved me, thank you for such a praise of Carol’s field, because It’s ‘Carol’s Healing Kitchen’ (Kylo Healing Kitchen), I’m sorry to take the opportunity to secretly play a little advertising!See Healing Kitchen: French Women C’s Relaxation.In the UK if life can not cook things can really let you have to suffer, where often frozen and hungry life, I hope you are all safe, and then the paper inspiration endlessly production smoothly, early out of the daily nest library life, Sometimes it’s better to walk around and experience the lives of the locals (Kylo advice: learn a little basic cooking first to study abroad!).)。

The University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh, for short) is a public research university founded in 1583, QS World Rankings 2018 Top Universityies (QS World University Rankings) in 2018 ranked the University of Edinburgh ranked 23rd in the world, the United Kingdom 5th, in recent years from this school returned to Taiwan’s graduates, but also by the Taiwan academic community attention, count edgy I and Ai Da also have some love, Several of the best international students from all over the world have been associated with them.The episode was when I met with my life-long love of the staff, but in my difficulties but warm to help me, for my alma mater’s response to international students for me also angry, thank you not because I am not because i am not your school students willing to take the time to help me with basic care of students, alas!This long story, think of the original I should choose love, then perhaps my British study abroad story will be a little more beautiful (Ha! Who Knows?).

Most of Scotland is like the weather in the last two pictures, cloudy and cold, the cool and comfortable days of the year only about 1-1.5 months, that is, about every August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!On top left, it’s Carol’s favorite cafe, Lovecrumbs, and Kylo is turning into a breadcrumb cafe for a time!This one is the first cafe where Kylo has just gone to Edinburgh, and the last cafe to visit before leaving, is to meet the much-loved PhD student in the picture, where there are delicious hand-made cakes, and retro decor, which makes people feel very relaxed.The two pictures are the rhythm of the August sun, the maximum temperature during the day can reach 25 degrees, how to say the local temperature!Summer nights are like freezers, winter nights are like freezers, and cars on both sides of the road are frosted and icy when you get back to your home.Back in Taiwan Kailo often feel swethed to heat exhaustion!Not summer hot to want to soak in the cold water mood I believe that everyone will feel the same, I think I may also be careless lying about the power of the weather when the British meet to even extend a lot of topics to infect it!

Into the Remote Area: The Road from Nursing to Art Healing

Thank you To Tzu Chi University First Nations Student Resource Center Li Chunxuan Director, thank you for giving Kailo the opportunity to return to his alma mater as the first lecture of this multi-cultural lecture, I am glad to be able to come back and share with my classmates after I left school this from nursing to expressive art healing journey, hope to let students for the nursing profession to open up different possibilities, the most important and highest priority, is to re-acquaint themselves and take good care of themselves.

Photo: One-to-one art psychotherapy a week in upper left; art healing for children in the upper right; creative education for women in middle-aged and upper left tribes; and training in expressive art therapy at HKS school in Lower Right Germany

Lecture Theme: Into the Hometown: The Road from Nursing to Art Healing

18:00-20:00 Beijing time, March 29, 107: Hualien Tzu Chi Universi
ty International Conference Hall Object:
About 300 first-class students on campus

Instructor Profile:

Margaret University, Edinburgh, Edinburgh (Queen Magritte University) Master of Arts Psychotherapy, Hochschule f?r K?nste im Sozialen, Ottersberg (Interactive Expression A
rt Institute) Interactive Arts and Drama Therapy, Visual Arts Semester Certificate, Public Department, Social Welfare Unit, School Healing Lectures and Group Collaboration: Mental Health, Witnesschildren, women’s riot control, y
outh parent-child groups, etc., healing expertise: psychological motivation orientation, expression allotment of artistic healin
g, leading young children, children, adolescents, women, the elderly and professionals to relieve healing groups, cross-cultural ethnic groups and creative health education

Introduction to the lecture:

Carol has studied in clinical critical care over the past decade and has studied in expressive art therapy for more than a decade, and has long focused on the issues of the original population, and the most effective way to study the world’s natives is “cultural healing” and look forward to the people who need the services she has learned.Children who spent the year with the arts with the tribe, and who led the Scottish remote agency Child Protection Order and the Disadvantaged Women’s Art Therapy Internship Group for one year before going abroad, learn edged the family to our roots and the term Loma, which we used in tribal healing, as the Aramey word for “home” and looked forward to family-centric healing services.Future students to become helperworkers face the physical and mental pressure of individual cases, but also need to use art as a medium to express their inner feelings, explore themselves, to help themselves to promote the balance of the body and mind.

Note: Please register in the school system, students humanities hours certification 2 hours

Photo: Campaign Posters

Event: The Beautiful Tribe of the Innermost South – Art Expression Cultural Healing Group

At the invitation of Ms. Luo Shufen, the alma mater of Grateful Carol (Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology), the Lida Tribe, the beautiful tribe that is about to travel to the innermost ring of the mountains in the south, has the breathtaking Passamountain Tunnel and the Wild Creek Hot Springs- Chestnut Hot Springs, which have to be reached through mountains and mountains.Together with the alma mater’s Indigenous students to the innermost lied atribe, the Bonong people will lead the adult and children’s artistic expression cultural healing community, but also thanks to the Ministry of Health care of the First Nations Mental Health Promotion Program, so that the original generally underappreciated Aboriginal mental health level has this opportunity to be concerned.

Photo: Event venue at Lida Primary School in Fulu Primary School, Taitung County
Video: Visiting The Clouds in The South Yokosuka
Photo: Mysterious Spring-Lisong Springs buried in the Lirice Tribe This photo cite s the mysterious wil[台東]d spring from autumn and winter and early spring, and the sea end of the sea – Chestnut Pine Springs

It is a pleasure to have this honor able to go to Lida to lead two groups, adult and children’s art expression healing workshop.In 2013 Carol in the search for the original home art companionship program implementation location, but also contacted the South Hengtai 20 line here the school, did not expect to come true many years later, everything is fate!

Although there are some friends with the Bunong people to get along with the experience, but for the sake of prudence, or seriously crawled the text, studied a night about the Taboo customs of the Bunong people sex, did not expect to be so much.In fact, we go abroad, we will also do homework to understand other people’s culture, the same, before entering the tribe, it is also necessary, so as not to violate the taboo of others, it is disrespectful.

A few days ago dream of Friday night missed the train, worried about the next day in case the only 7:30 a.m. passenger train to go to the tribe how to do, how to get there with the group, in the dream has been checking that night there is no other fastest train to catch up.So I decided to take a day off to prepare early, the first day to Guanshan, the next day with the team up the mountain, first put their settle down ready for their own energy, bless and bunong healing groups smoothly.

Video: Bunon customs and taboos

This is is health health health project for An indigenous in 2017 who is run by the Ministry of health and Welfare. I’m go to a mountain village for indigenous healing workshop. I’m grateful for people that i met and i’m also also expecting for this.

A Story about Making A Living in Another Country: The Receptionist

‘If you had ever had a be dhurt for relationship; You hadever roved in foreign countries; You hadever ever efed you dream, i’s believe this is the film for you. This movie has has many resonances for you. 
‘Director, Jenny : ‘In the capital, there’re so many international people gathering. We don’t really feel home in that place. Everyone is looking at the sense of home…’

Photo: The “The-Scenes” Behind
Video: ‘The Weatherist’ Trailer
Video: ‘The Forth’ -The Behind-Scenes – Copy from: THE RECEPTIONIST operator – Set Visit Featurette – Jenny Lulu

The Receptionist (Opera
tor) Jenny Lu / Taiwan / 2017 / 102 m
ins Casts: Teresa Daley, Chen Shiang Chyi, Josh Whitehouse

THE RECEPTIONIST is based on a true story and follows the lives of women whose dreams of a better life in London have been crushed by the harsh reality and seeming cruelty of the world, which has forced Them to take up jobs in an illegal message parlour.

The film was inspired by the sitis face by the director and co-writer of this film Jenny Lu, in-finding employment in the 2008 economic crisis and the sersi tragic of a friend, who had had secretly worked ed in the industry for some time . Under immense financial pressure, selling bodies can ters s lys s ly only open open open to these women. At the same time , they are living a double life life concealing its home and the sages face due to the lys a lys to siin in the industry .

As seen through the eyes of a a vessith working at the massage parlour, the show film a hidden Britain that we all over willing to forget or forget. It also also tells a human story of friendship, of shared experiences and how some are able to live and survive while way will simply salsa out of theirs.

The Is is a drama a lys a an indis massage parlour in London, and the follows the lives of the employees and clients as seen through the eyes of the a Taiwanese graduate as a thes. Weighed down by financial problems, a Taiwanese girl Tina secretly takes a job as a eithath at an infol massage parlour in London. As she sago gets to know the women who work there, Tina is forced to to sit home values as she discovers humour and humanity in the most unlikelyly of places. But how how will will she be drawn into this world, and can se foss in singsin in the process?

More Info:
Facebook fan page: Operator The Reception

Film exposes London’s industry underworld – BBC Newsht
tp:// -40363513

Edinburgh International Film Fest
ival Cinema: Vue Omni Centre, E
dinburgh Time: At 20:30, 27/06/2017 (the last show
in Edinburgh Address): Greenside Place,
Edinburgh, EH1 3ENC
ontact: 0871 224 0240 The Hostist (2017) at VuE Omni Centre – Edinb
urgh Film 2017

Photo: ‘The Instagram’ poster

Loma’ Taiwan 2016 Tour and Workshop (Eastern, Southern)

Experience of using art to accompany children in rural Taiwan and Scotland

Introduction: Carol’s “Home Art Companion Project” in eastern Taiwan in 2013-14, using art to accompany groups of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly in the countryside, sees more remote areas, inadequate resources, family needs, and travels to Edinburgh in 2014 to study art psychotherapy facilities, during which she leads a family-oriented group of preschool children and a mother group. The treatment group, which has more children in the institution, has a Scottish Child Protection Order (Child Protection) that needs to be a concern, and this lecture session shares the current situation in rural Scotland, reflects on the state of Taiwan’s social dimension, and raises the need for workers from Taiwan and multicultural communities to be aware of, and the workshop is only an experience, not a therapeutic nature, and does not violate the ethical norms of artistic therapy.

Photo: Carol’s creation, American art therapist Bruce Moon, once said, “I may not be able to heal my case, but my case knows that I will always be with them in the process.”」

Instructor Profi
le: Carol Li herself is a nurse with 10 years of clinical experience who has served for 4 years at hessing cancer centre hospitals because of her interest in psychology and then three years of professional training in acute psychiatric wards, during which she led the patient’s art healing community.Training in expressive art therapy (art, drama, music, dance, gardening, etc.) from the summer of 2007, and in 2014 he went to Edinburgh to study art psychotherapy, applied for further study in the German art therapy society during his studies, and spent a one-semester period in Paris, France, in 2016 to perform “therapeutic kitchen workshops” in conjunction with European-style workshops to do baking, music meditation, art healing, etc. , returned to Taiwan in September 2016.

  1. Queen Margaret University, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh/Master of Art Psychotherapy/Edinburgh, UK
  2. Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg, Ottersberg/Art Therapy certificate in social term/Oldsburg, Germany
  3. Master of Art Therapy Certificate/Taiwan Taichung
  4. Tzu Chi Institute of Technology/Diploma in Nursing/Hualien, Taiwan (1997-2002)
Photo: Luno Township Library, Taitung County Child Care Promotion: I Have a Nest

What’s in the speech:

  • Taiwan Art Counseling Documentary and Case Discussion
  • Viewing the multicultural issue of Taiwan’s rural areas from the Scottish countryside
  • Workshop Experience

Time: 19
:00-21:00 p.m. on weekdays, 14:00-16:00 on holidays, details as follows (updated at any time, mainly on the official website announcement)

Date: The t
our is expected to end by the end of October, details as follows (updated at any time, mainly with the official announcement)

Cost: includi
ng instructor fee, round-trip fare, accommodation fee, assistant administrative processing fee, site rental fee, see registration form for details

Number of peop
le: each session about 25-30 people, has paid the registration fee for the successful registration, the amount is completed, see the official website announcement

Participation Condi
tions: The content of this activity is related to children’s artistic companionship, rural issues, multicultural issues, is open to the outside world, welcome local psychology, tutoring, teachers, social workers, health care related people, children’s art workers, campus or community front-line workers, housewives and partners interested in using art to accompany their children.

Note: The contents a
re made public after the case and their guardian signed the consent form, but only for the publication of art therapy-related professional, in order to maintain the privacy of the case, participants in this lecture, the process do not record, video and take photos.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the event, complete the check-in procedures, the speech process please turn off the phone or mute, thank you.

Note: The contents a
re made public after the case and their guardian signed the consent form, but only for the publication of art therapy-related professional, in order to maintain the privacy of the case, participants in this lecture, the process do not record, video and take photos.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the event, complete the check-in procedures, the speech process please turn off the phone or mute, thank you.

Participants should p
repare: Please bring 2-3 sheets of A4 white paper, atomic pen or color pencil, crayon, personal drinking water.

Loma’ Small Village Art

Registration Date Link: Stopped Registration

Photo: Xiulin Township Sakura Tribe, Hualien County: Original Township Art Companion Program

Tour (updated at any time, please pay close attention)

Screen EastField (up to 25)

Beijing time2016.10.19 (Wed) 19:00-21:00 Location: Chaozhou National High Scho
ol, Second Floor Principal’s Meeting Room, Address: 66 Chaozhou Town Culture Road, Pingdong County

Kaohsiung Field (up to 25)

Beijing time2016.10.22 (Sat) 14:00-16:00 Location: Kaohsiung City Datong 
Guo xiao, first floor fitness classroom, address: Kaohsiung City Emerging District Datong Road 231

Taitung Field (up to 25)

Beijing time2016.10.29 (Sat) 19:00-21:00 Location: Taitung Chil
dren’s Book House, Address: Taitung City, Qinghai Road, 275-1
Video: Into the Remote Area – Documentary Shortfilm

Little Poem: Don’t Leave that Fiery Mind Behind

Sometimes, I just want to hide somewhere
When I feel lost
Just lie down and take a breath
With my green…healing
Until….one day…I know where to go
And don’t leave that fiery mind behind

Photo: My color, in a public park, Paris
Video: Alice Phoebe Lou – Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind (official video)

Alice Phoebe Lou was born in 1994. She is a singer-songwriter from CapeTown, South Africa. Alice has been performing on the streets in the city of Berlin since 2013.
(click here if the film is not available)

Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind (Excerpt)

And there’ll be an airplane flying across my soul
And it will roll right on
I’ll have to say fair well so long
And there’ll be a steam train rolling across my heart
And I will have to depart
I will have to depart

Please Google for full lyrics

Coming soon: Into the Remote Area – Art Companion Shortfilm

From 2013 to the establishment of Loma’s small village art predecessor team, to the start of the shooting plan, after the planning period, operation period (including shooting), post-production period, correction period, we encountered a lot of difficulties, including the different image specifications, the change of shooting personnel, the damage of the rear equipment, and finally we finally in the total production period of nearly two years The vital work of bringing about the future of Loma’s small village art and recruiting more children to serve their hometown has been accomplished.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the first documentary microfilm of Loma’s Komura Art, which has not yet been released, will be released to all of us who support us this weekend because of the many surprises that have yet to be released.

In the nearly 15-minute film, there are many people’s support and encouragement, more Loma’ Komura Art wants to complete with everyone’s dreams and goals, next, and Loma’ Komura Art together look forward to the arrival of the weekend!

Video: Trailer Into Th[Loma’]e Remote Area-Smnoy of Arts Palenting Into the hometown: the original country art companion video

Update: Correcting the official name of Loma’ Taiwan.

Loma Taiwan official website is about to run

After some previous operational testing and setup, Loma’ Taiwan is about to officially enter full operation, and all future information will work with Facebook fans to provide information about arts and cultural care

At the same time, we also need you and we refuel, work together for the children! I hope you have more support!

Update: Correct Loma’ Taiwan’s official name

Loma' Taiwan officially opens!

Photo: Luno Township Library, Taitung County Child Care Promotion: I Have a Nest

After a long construction, Loma’ Taiwan’s official website is finally on the way!

Loma’ is Amey, meaning home, and fits well with the idea that the original art company wants to accompany the child’s growth, so the final team name is Loma’ and the full name is ‘Loma’ Taiwan’.

Although still in the correction and testing, while some of the information is still being constructed, but the basic operation is no problem!

In addition, the site is also associated with Loma’ Taiwan predecessor: the Facebook community “Home Art Companion Zone”, and set up a new fan group: Loma’ Taiwan fan page, hoping to synchronize to provide more perfect, more suitable for the needs of the children of the original first-hand message.

Hope you can give more encouragement, thank you!

Update: Fix Loma’ Taiwan’s official name