The embodiment of traditional culture: Tjakudayi I love you how to say?

Watan Tusi, also artistic director of TAI Body Theatre, is also an artist from the Lishan tribe.Dusit), this director's work Tjakudayi I love what you say?Is a work from 2013 began to germinate and cultivate works, a group of TAI group members to and from the Pingdong to Yixiang row Bay tribe, to learn from the elderly, personally experience the traditional culture of the town, from the mountains to pick up water pipes, weaving and cover traditional slate houses, through the physical labor, the regiment will be the body of Awareness (awareness), By Footprint (foot spectrum) to Embody (reflect) the…


The little stories of studying in Edinburgh together

Two years after leaving the UK, this was the last Taiwanese friend to meet in Edinburgh, who accompanied him to the clothing store to buy warm clothes, but insisted on not taking pictures and not showing his face, and this time I was convinced, because I said this is my last photo of leaving Edinburgh to remember you, and finally gave me a side face.Attached to the picture is a youssef postcard chocolate pound cake made when Carol's hand itch, Europe is really a baking paradise, dairy products and large ovens are readily available, and very cheap, really do not…


Coming soon: Walking into the original town – the original country art companion video

From 2013 to the establishment of Loma's small village art predecessor team, to the start of the shooting plan, after the planning period, operation period (including shooting), post-production period, correction period, we encountered a lot of difficulties, including the different image specifications, the change of shooting personnel, the damage of the rear equipment, and finally we finally in the total production period of nearly two years The vital work of bringing about the future of Loma's small village art and recruiting more children to serve their hometown has been accomplished. Today, we are pleased to announce that the first documentary…

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