"Loma' Little Village Art" was founded in 2013, combined with Kylo's long career in the past, cross-foot edding psychological spiritual aspects of the relevant professional training.Since 2002, Kylo has been a carer, with solid clinical training in obstetrics and gynecology, internal and external and critical units, cancer centers, psychiatry and sports injury centers; Applying what she has learned to patients in cancer centers and psychiatric acutewards to her work has made her more aware of the importance of this professional training.It has always been Kylo's dream of pursuing art psychotherapy, and before leaving the country, Kylo spent a year using art to accompany old, middle, young and child in Taiwan's most resource-poor east, and to teach health care in creative ways; in 2014 she finally dreamed of studying art psychotherapy at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, England.

As he has experienced ten years of clinical critical care experience, deeply feel the emotional response of helperworkers in daily work needs to face cases, the heart actually needs to be supported, through a variety of expressive art of intervention experience relief process, is one of the focus of post-home care, one after another led suicide case care, psychologists, Professional groups such as tutors have developed the "Kellogg Health Care Stack" to convey the importance of balance of the mind

After nearly a decade of training in the healing of expressive art, in addition to helping people to express their inner and unspeakable feelings through art as a medium, the long-term focus on Aboriginal issues has led to the development of the expressional arts and culture healing working with cross-cultural communities, and the concept of family-centered: "Loma' Small Village Art".In order to let everyone not confuse, the two sides of the fan group for separate operation, but the information will be integrated in the official website, in order to seek more effective communication of the message, interested friends please directly subscribe to our e-newsletter, fan group part also provides a platform for everyone to communicate with me, if there are mental health-related issues, welcome to the fan group message or private message

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Carol Healing Expertise: Psychological Motivation, Combined with Expressive Art Healing (Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Games, etc.), Leads Young Children, Children, Adolescents, Women, Parent-Child, Elderly and Professionals to Relieve Healing Groups, Work with Cross-Cultural Communities, Creative Health Education

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