Ministry of Great Southport Classroom to find my original color: spiritual painting (course extension)

rt: affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, tribal university opening date is currently delayed to April, the registration date is delayed simultaneously, please continue to lock the official website and the Ministry of the announcement.Interested ethnic groups first complete the registration, the Ministry will be synchronized with the epidemic prevention.Carol teacher used to be a nurse, SARS used to work in the respiratory care ward, epidemic prevention standards will also pay special attention to this class for the large classroom, and for the small class system, please register students with the entrance temperature and alcohol wash, enter the building all wear ingress edified masks, cold symptoms at home rest, please family members feel at ease to register.

Long-term with the clansmen / life, found that the indigenous people are not in fact as people think "very optimistic", "no trouble", in-depth understanding only found that hidden a lot of suffering, just do not know what good way to express.

Today's urban first-nation people may have moved to the city of the second and third generation, so there is not a lot of tribal life experience, which is the loss of ethnic culture, as well as the current life, family, society, work of all kinds of pressures, may affect the physical and mental health of ethnic groups.

Photo: Carol is at the Hualian Seven Foot Chuan Tribe Wenjian Station, leading art healing and cultural care.

"Finding My Original Color: Painting of the Mind" provides the clansmen with a way to not hurt themselves, and we will create a space in which the mind feels safe, from meditation relaxation and graffiti to draw what you think; Accompany you to explore their own to find their original color, enhance the sense of self-identification and self-worth, towards a comfortable life.

Students are welcome to relax to draw what you think, choose what you love, let us accompany the clansmen to walk a long way, look forward to learning and growing with the students.

Course Name: "Find My Original Color: Soul Pa
inting" Location: Taipei City Aboriginal Tribal Universi
ty, Nangang District, North Plains Hall Address: Taipei City, Nangang D
istrict, Xiangyang Road 49 (MRT Kunyang Station 3 exit) Beijing time 2020.4.2
3 to 2020.7.16, total 12 weeks: Thursday Sun time 14:00
-17:00 Object: Aboriginal identity, adult stakes above, 12 expected

❤️ remind you that this course provides a way for people to relax and understand themselves, non-psychotherapist groups.❤️

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Photo: "Getting My Original Color: Painting of the Mind" poster

Carol Kellogg (Loma' Village Art Master/Carer/Free Creator)

  • Hochschule f?r K?nste im Sozialen, Ottersberg Institute of Interactive Expression Art/Visual Arts, Interactive Art Therapy, Interactive Drama Therapy Semester Certificate/Odesburg, Germany
  • Queen Margaret University, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh/Art Psychotherapy Institute/Edinburgh, UK
  • Master of Art Therapy Certificate/Taiwan Taichung
  • Tzu Chi Institute of Technology/Diploma in Nursing/Hualien, Taiwan
  • Certificate of completion of labour safety and health education and training On-site service nursing staff
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare determines the qualifications of the leader of the cognitive and pro-service education of the victims of domestic violence
  • Nurse Certificate No. 45724 (2003)
Photo: Ms Carol takes an artist sketch lesson at the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland

Instructor Profile:

Mr. Kellogg has been involved in clinical front-line care for more than a decade, more than in critical illness, internal medicine, cancer, psychiatry, long-term care, etc.Since 2007, he has been in contact with art healing, in Taiwan, Germany, the United Kingdom, long-term and short-term further education.As a result of the long-term concern for Aboriginal issues, the current combination of learning, the client is more in need of care of the first nations.

Healing expertise:

Take art as a tool of expression, lead the whole age group to relieve the pressure group, work with children, women, the elderly, helpers, be good at combining art, music, drama, dance, games, develop the process of introducing ethnic culture into art healing, take art as a medium, encourage the expression of inner feelings, long-term and public sector, social welfare units, Colleges and universities, community and other cooperation.

Loma' Short Film: Art and Cultural Healing for Aboriginal Elders

Video: Loma' Short Film: Art and Cultural Healing for Aboriginal Elders

In 2013-14, Loma's Small Village Art was a Tailuge tribe in Xiulin Township, Hualien County, and is likely to be the first tribe to bring artistic and cultural healing to Taiwan's indigenous people.Originally the main target of the plan is kindergarten and the country's junior and lower grades two groups, but we found that each child is slowly growing up from the family, from the beginning of the activity center publicity, open everyone to participate in the experience, access to the support of ethnic groups, in the children's group program, we visited 4, 50 families to do family visits, Learn more about the needs of each family.

For more videos, please go to the front page of the official website "About Loma' Komura Art ➡ Works Output" for information.

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