Finding Cikasuan Youth: Art and Cultural Care

(2019.10.21 Re-edited on the shelf)

We are looking for the tribal youths of Cikasuan, the former seven-footed Kawakawa, to welcome our team.We hope that through this programme, combined with tribal youth, we can make our plans more complete.

"Love in the Seven Feet Chuan: Art Companion and Cultural Care" is from the cultural history of the ethnic group data collection, field tunes, and seek relevant expertise of the clansmen, for the seven-foot Sichuan culture revival of the young people, are we look forward to cooperation, hope to find the descendants of the seven-foot sichuan society to guard the tribe together, shoulder the responsibility of the feather crown.

Photo: In 2017, Kellogg implemented the First Nations Mental Health Promotion Program of the Ministry of Health and Sanitary, wit
h 20 tribal leaders in Ji'an Township to advocate for the healing of art and culture

2019.8 Postscript: Loma's Small Village Art Team and Iggy's Brother are still looking for descendants of The Seven Footsakawa and the youth of Cilasuan, and please don't hesitate to contact our team directly (powder message or e-mail) and hope to travel with the clansmen by combining tribal talent.

The seven-footed Sichuan incident of 1908, for the descendants of the Seven-Foot Kawakawa Society, may be old, or may not exist in the memory of the youth, or because the people of that year experienced the memory is too deep, only fragments of memory, those tribes that have been destroyed in history, such as the Seven Footsa, these common historical pain, it can't be easily wiped out.We hope to work with young people to learn about cultural heritage through participatory learning workshops, and how to use art as an expression tool, to bring culture in the process and to bring cultural memories through artistic means so that tribal people can grow together, So we really need the support of the descendants of the seven-legged Sichuan Society, if you:

1. There are about 16 descendants of the Seven-Foot Sichuan tribe, or those living in the north who live in Hualien, or who have more opportunities to participate in the professional training of Impact Hub, and hope to return to the countryside in the future to serve the tribal youth.

Seven-foot sichuan-related tribes

2.40 years of age (born after 1980.1.1), 2020 plan implementation year has not yet completed 40 years old 3 Cikasuan descendants, for th
e cultural recovery of young people, hope to train themselves in the plan to improve the ability to perform and co-learners 4, have the previous text: go
od than photography, elderly care, Cultural revival, ballads, art and other expertise 5. Want to contact more und
erstanding of their own ethnic culture, the future has the opportunity to the arts healing (art, music, dance, drama, etc.), art field, anthropology, long-term care, psychology and indigenous classes and other related fields.

You are welcome to join us!

If you would like to join, please fill in the following data and send us, send to the following listed e-mail or directly in the Facebook fan group private message to us, if the seven-footsichuan people or the willing to think of a bit of the public, are welcome to contact our team, I also hope you will help to share this article to the tribal descendants of the Seven Foot River, Loma' Komura Art look forward to working with you.

  • The name on the ID card (please fill in the Roman Pinyin if you have the restored family name):
  • Connect:
  • Unit title/school level:
  • The year of birth (after 1980.1.1, under 40 years):
  • E-mail:
  • What expertise you would like to use in this program to work with the team:


Program Host: Carol Li

The main object of the plan cooperation: Ji'an Township Taichang seven feet Sichu
an tribal wenjian station co-author: Ji'an Township Taichang seven feet Sichuan tribe seven feet Sichuan literary history workerfirst: Cai Xinyi (Iji
big brother) see ⬇

The following transfer from Shoufeng Township Glorious Tribe Seven Foot Sichuan Society Descendants General Convenor: Dungi Ciyo Luying (Michelle), currently kDS Music Creative Music Director, Hualien County Performing Arts Association Director.When he returned to Taiwan in 2011, he was told by the family that he was a descendant of the head of the Buraw Kurah incident in The Seven Feet, and wrote a blog thought:

Photo: Michelle's sister visits the Seven Feet Kawatribe Cultural Station for an art-relief experience

No more crying!The son of Seven Feet Kawakawa 31 March 2011 

On the grave of the rainy grandfather, the cold wind blew through the flying hair.
This time back to Taiwan my hometown of Hualien, finally clearly received that long-awaited major message.
It's time and ready.

Uncle told me about the family history I had never heard of, the family history that was touched by the teachings, the tears of rain, and the quiet fall on the land where I wanted to return.

So, has been following me so many years of that voice into the picture, accom
panied by the past deep pain … T

he battle of a hundred years ago… The Japanese invasion, the killing, the weepi
ng and weeping of the people, Cikasuan's people can not resist!Over the mountains all the way to Taitung's Luye Mountain.

The old leader was finally buried in his mother's tribe… Shoufeng Township Glorious Village…
He was my great-grandfather, Buraw Kurah.
Cikasuan, the child of the leader of the Seven Feet Chuan tribe a hundred years ago.
Long history back, today finally understand… As the sixth generation of buraw Kurah's leader, I rooted and returned, blood lineage,
no matter how long it took to leave, and i went further, and on the other
side of the globe I was summoned and returned to the place of origin – the place where I came to the world, this original land.

My ancestors with incomparable intelligence test me, want me to experience, let me suffer, give
up, give up, and finally simply as long as step on their own land, is the greatest happiness in this life.
Regardless of the pay, willingness.

Living in a foreign country for 15 years, once thought that can pretend to be a greenhouse in the prou
d rose… In fact, what you want to do is just a strong weed!
The spring wind is blowing again, continuing the past and creating the future.

I am back!No longer be alarmed by the unknown future.
Follow the guidelines, do what I have to do, and go i should go, even though the two places are running.

Nowadays, the airport is no longer like the past always teach people
heartbreak, no problem, I am very happy!
————————————————————————– postscript: Lin Mao, head of GianwenShi Studios, also marveled: 'A few
months ago when I stumbled into the stu
dio, At the easy end of the way, I was called by the Zuling.
Now it seems that this sentence, really is not a joke to say even..

. A few days later with uncle came to the studio with several old and former leaders
to meet, the topic opened to lead everyone into the time tunnel more t
han a hundred years ago… The whole conversation is in Aramco, and I and "Idie" wi
ll also be video-based for the Cikasuan documentary record.
The next task is to bring together the elderly in my family as soon as possible, and is e
xpected to return to Taiwan in early July for a month of field work,
to do a detailed review of the past of the memories of the longest of them
, and finally to make a complete record of my family history with the most accurate facts.

Description of the plan: The plan is expected to be placed in the Seven-FootKawa, because of the historical event of 1908, "Cikasuan Event", which subjected the people of the Seven-FootKawa society to Japanese colonial persecution and used the incident to destroy the first Japanese official camp of the immigrant village – "Yoshinomura".Because to see such an event, I believe that the people of the whole generation of the spiritual aspects will have an impact.It reminds me of the old photo exhibition sseen in Europe about the Holocaust in Germany, and to the time today Germans have mostly shied away from talking about such historical traumas, and these memories need to be expressed before they can be produced.Kaijo looks forward to his long-term interest in Aboriginal issues and more than a decade of artistic healing, combined with art and the healing of the community's culture, to contribute to what he has learned and to serve those who need it.

At present, many of the plans that want to do tribal, mostly foreign people, may not understand the needs of the tribe, but even with their own understanding of the other side's lack of parts, imposed giving.If the Seven Foot Chuan tribe agrees with this plan, Kylo hopes that the young people of the Seven Foot Sakawa Society will have the opportunity to participate in the tribal cultural journey together, and the current difficulty is that there are still many descendants of the Seven Foot Kawakubo Society, in fact, do not know that they are seven-footed Sichuan community.

The program is an international organization called 'Impact Hub' that originated in 2005 in a co-working space in London and is now a global social enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship organization with a very detailed and complete training that looks to train Cikasuan Tribal young people come together to learn and grow.In fact, Kailo had just returned to Taiwan in 2016 to hear the CEO of Impact Hub Taipei introduce his organization (IMPACT HUB Chen Tsui 183) at a public event. The conversation found that he is a very hot and ideal young, because Kylo travel europe and study in the United Kingdom also have the opportunity to contact the relevant social enterprises and public welfare community, so when he heard his idea found that i do not coincide with me, really happy.

Below from Impact Hub Taipei

"It is a community of social entrepreneurs, creatives, event curators, artists, freelancers, professionals, etc., and we take positive and practical actions to change the society and environment in which we live.". . We bring together people with different professions, backgrounds, cultures, different imaginations.We dare to take a different road, embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, common adventure, practice dreams, play an impact, for a sustainable world to do their part.」

Team Benefits: Google first to learn what Impact HUB is doing in Taipei

  • Participate in the Boot Camp Training Camp in Taipei, 2020
  • Participate in the relevant series of Perido series
  • Monthly meetings with practitioners to study

Thanksgiving has you to make this plan more complete!

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Currently, the National Prehistoric Museum, in collaboration with the Shoufeng Aboriginal Heritage Museum, has a two-year extension – the 110th anniversary special exhibition of the Battle of Taluma' – Seven Feet Ofkawa, which welcomes you to visit.
Exhibition Name: Taluma' Return – 110th Anniversary of the Battle of Seven Feet
Chuan Exhibition Location: Shoufeng T
ownship Aboriginal Heritage Museum Exhibition Add
ress: Hualien County Shoufeng Township Glorious 1st Street 2
6 exhibition time: Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 17:00 Exhibition period:
2018.12.2 2020.12.31 Contact: 03-8652847
Video: East Coast Voice episode 261 Return Taluma'-Seven Feet Of the 110th Anniversary Special Exhibition

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