Please keep a good heart that can’t bear the suffering of others.

Do I wonder if anyone would feel sorry for seeing a title like “Tammei Shinkansen” like Kellogg?Instead of pressing a happy smiley face!This image is from the Weather Risk Weather Fan Page, founded by Dr. Peng Qiming in 2003 and is also a weather anchor for a well-known Buddhist television station.Somehow, while others are suffering, the team is still in the mood to write about their own creativity, the big sign: “Tammei Shinkansen”, the sub-sign: “Saturday morning Okinawa departure, Monday morning direct to Hokkaido.”The message on the fan page was later suspected to have been deleted, with the following image showing: ‘Most about is selected, so some replies may have had been has filtered out.’, which Kylo feared might trigger the so-called Butterfly Eff ect (butterfly effect).

Pictured: Commenton on weather risk WeatherRisk fan page deleted and related responses

Private reposting of the original message to WeatherRisk (pictured below) received a reply: “Hello, in response to the term Tanmei Shinkansen, we describe it as moving very fast, with no other meaning, or disrespect for anyone.E-news or media coverage is not our voluntary sending or buying news media, we only open to our Facebook community and the official website.For your comments, we will also discuss and think again, to avoid media distortion or the direction of the title, thank you.”

Kylo was surprised from an uncomfortable title, even from a more than 86,000 fans of the po text, the major media hyped reports, from professional media people to take the lead, to be transferred to personal web pages, and even opened a new dialogue window on this topic, a lot of articles, which have a lot of not into the purpose of the message, let Kylo looked straight shaking his head.As for WeatherRisk’s reply, Kylo pondered why the other butterflies were to blame if they were the first butterfly to flap their wings.Look at the Tammy Shinkansen map file was reprinted related press releases, really, Taiwan a lot of hype to do the news, sent so much, but always copy to copy the lack of good Chen!The media followed up also published like this year’s 24 typhoons do not enter the door, quasi-typhoon Kang Yu “looks” like coming towards Taiwan and so on, please take life to waste some meaningful people on things!Don’t continue to make a fuss or retweet trampling on the lives of others as a joke.

I do not know once upon a time, we have lost the feeling of the heart!Not just the media, I do not know that people around the more and more cold, even people who know people seem to be less concerned about the actual situation of the other side (whether the current mood is low, job instability, related resources lack, poor situation, etc.), and then self-righteously humorous, these are not more detailed in this.In short, these are our valuable mirror, Kylo is also often reminded themselves: respect for others is also respect for themselves!In today’s society, people are morally bankrupt, there are not many people who have good and compassionate hearts, if you still have such a heart can not bear the suffering of others, please keep it.

As with the word Shinkansen, why this article doesn’t make people feel bad: Tammy will sweep across Japan’s present-day Okinawa to cancel 260 flights. Rarely seen intelligent reporters, not blindly follow the flow of headlines, he described the speed of the typhoon as the Shinkansen generally as fast, rather than the use of WeatherRisk-led the title, seems to be the Tanmei typhoon as the Shinkansen, and then take the lead in triggering the media reporters related to the irrelevant title.Perhaps the fan page to make the picture is not meant to be slanderous or to play with others unfortunately, but today WeatherRisk mistook the theme, other journalists may not think about the reference, and then a series of so-called sprinkling of dog blood title, please look at the affected households in the eyes of people, how embarrassing?It is not easy because of the 311 earthquake, the Japanese sense of friendship with Taiwan increased, our follow-up feed is invisible, when you meet the Japanese in the corner of the world, know that you are Taiwanese, and then he gave you a big thumb, even if you did not donate half a dime to Japan.There are many things in this world that include disaster smaller, but if one person is a good idea, believe that is big enough, can transform or reduce these invisible things.

I do not know whether we have felt in the last 10 years as long as there is a disaster, are a disaster, the more recent disaster more and more serious, such as this year has not known the first few are Super Typhoon (super strong platform), perhaps these are the warning from God, but we are corrupt, we are still obsessive.How to cultivate empathy, similar words such as “back mountain xx”, “guarding the sacred mountain”, “Tanmei Shinkansen” and so on.These are really not funny, and damage their personality, suggest that the future may be in the interview of journalists, should be accentuated with empathy this face-to-face assessment, as well as testing whether to speak honestly.Remember to see Xie Zuwu once filmed a network drama, from the SELFPICK team produced the Bar (private room), the content of the public sector to do things will only meet the flattering officer, really not worth the people to learn, see the warm and cold, these all walks of life are applicable, we need is a society with the same sense, people drowning, People are hungry, their own heart, only their own hold, let us together to reflect on again. (If you can’t watch it, click here)

Private Room THE BAR – Episode 1: Old Pal – YouTube (starting at 6:58)

The original message was left on the Fan Page: “Indeed, just as the previous typhoon hit the east, but under the title of the National Guard, completely disregarding the feelings of the easterners, this society needs a little more to others suffering the same mind, the power of the corner of society is small, the voice is also very small, but also need basic respect.” Media people like public figures, but also affect the international perception of our Taiwanese, the media spread out of the content, as long as the world has the network of places to see, Taiwan’s media written content, representing all Taiwanese such a collection of nouns, but also need to lead by example! Please give the society a good example, we work together! Let the society more and more love, more caring and compassionate heart.”

Finally, to share with you a young age, born in a country not rich in all aspects, the bottom of the social things to ensure a full of enthusiasm and love, on the contrary, we were born in Taiwan, not worried about eating and wearing, is it more capable of showing our love for all mankind?Alice Phoebe Lou, a creative singer born in Cape Town, Africa (Cape Town, South Africa), launched her own music project in 2013 and came to Berlin, Germany, alone, a little girl who was just 18 years old with just 500 euros , about t$20,000, in North Germany, Kellogg knew that her only person only about to pay her a month’s rent in Berlin, but she bravely stepped out of the border, and in the street singing, trying to use music to awaken people forgotten for a long time, is also the most original good thoughts, after several years of efforts, her voice was slowly discovered, There’s also some stage for performances. . .At Performance . . . Alice Phoebe Lou TEDx Berlin said she didn’t want to be famous and make big money, because most of the so-called political and business celebrities in society, mostly follow edgy desires, want power to make a lot of money, make fame to make a lot of money, and more, but more can not satisfy their own desires.And she just wants to simply contribute her own music and songs to this society.The light she shines on her is to start from a good heart, to share the light and love to this society, only love, is the seed to make this society better and better.This Alice Phoebe Lou’s song Society (Society), who in the corner of society wants to care?People always say it’s something they do when they retire with money and have free time.Perhaps we can start with caring for the help, accompanying family and friends, slowly cultivate the same sense of suffering for others, this society should not just be money, status or how much power to comment on a person’s achievements, high sand, there is a lot of things we can not see, with more money or fame can not buy, Please also cherish those around who still love you, cherish each of its valuable fate.(If you can’t watch it, click here)
Video: Alice Phoebe Lou – Society 

Music Video and Lyrics by Alice Phoebe Lou

Oh, he stands in front of m
eAnd he’s staring manical
ly screaming oh soci
ety what has you done to 
e? The make i’ve tread so many yea
rs All this this sing and sweat a
nd tearsJust to be inside in
side macand do just what
i’m told If only i had ha
d has so boldBut now my body
‘s getting old And times
is oh so golden if only 
nly it can be farbut but you
took it 
From meOh society you to
ok it away fro
m meoh, my liberty oh you 
took it away
from meOh, society you

took it away from m E When you brainwashed me with mae 
sofs of how i bod beShaped me and raped me
in myarity meande med. 
MeTold me mae i can and can not seeT
akes me and shook me
Of my urges to be free
Photo: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One) at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh

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