The little stories of studying in Edinburgh together

Two years after leaving the UK, this was the last Taiwanese friend to meet in Edinburgh, who accompanied him to the clothing store to buy warm clothes, but insisted on not taking pictures and not showing his face, and this time I was convinced, because I said this is my last photo of leaving Edinburgh to remember you, and finally gave me a side face.Attached to the picture is a youssef postcard chocolate pound cake made when Carol’s hand itch, Europe is really a baking paradise, dairy products and large ovens are readily available, and very cheap, really do not do dessert will be sorry for their own point, even if the endless papers, writing essays, Unfinished case records (since Kylo was the largest of the class’s 28 students at the time, the trainee (art psychotherapy intern), with a total of 15 and about half of the children’s and women’s groups). Busy or steal an empty baked goods (their own greed also dare to say so nice, ha – – ).

Pictured above is the cold weather in Edinburgh; the top left is the cafe Lovecrumbs, which locals also recommend; the bottom left, the bottom of the middle and the bottom of the August sun-kissed look, the lower one is the healing time of the hard work of studying abroad; and the bottom right is a good friend of The Big Doctoral, always sneaking through Carol Hand-made food photos often reveal his good hungry messages

Remember that even if the blizzard outside you are the first to come to my party, really moved me, thank you for such a praise of Carol’s field, because It’s ‘Carol’s Healing Kitchen’ (Kylo Healing Kitchen), I’m sorry to take the opportunity to secretly play a little advertising!See Healing Kitchen: French Women C’s Relaxation.In the UK if life can not cook things can really let you have to suffer, where often frozen and hungry life, I hope you are all safe, and then the paper inspiration endlessly production smoothly, early out of the daily nest library life, Sometimes it’s better to walk around and experience the lives of the locals (Kylo advice: learn a little basic cooking first to study abroad!).)。

The University of Edinburgh (University of Edinburgh, for short) is a public research university founded in 1583, QS World Rankings 2018 Top Universityies (QS World University Rankings) in 2018 ranked the University of Edinburgh ranked 23rd in the world, the United Kingdom 5th, in recent years from this school returned to Taiwan’s graduates, but also by the Taiwan academic community attention, count edgy I and Ai Da also have some love, Several of the best international students from all over the world have been associated with them.The episode was when I met with my life-long love of the staff, but in my difficulties but warm to help me, for my alma mater’s response to international students for me also angry, thank you not because I am not because i am not your school students willing to take the time to help me with basic care of students, alas!This long story, think of the original I should choose love, then perhaps my British study abroad story will be a little more beautiful (Ha! Who Knows?).

Most of Scotland is like the weather in the last two pictures, cloudy and cold, the cool and comfortable days of the year only about 1-1.5 months, that is, about every August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!On top left, it’s Carol’s favorite cafe, Lovecrumbs, and Kylo is turning into a breadcrumb cafe for a time!This one is the first cafe where Kylo has just gone to Edinburgh, and the last cafe to visit before leaving, is to meet the much-loved PhD student in the picture, where there are delicious hand-made cakes, and retro decor, which makes people feel very relaxed.The two pictures are the rhythm of the August sun, the maximum temperature during the day can reach 25 degrees, how to say the local temperature!Summer nights are like freezers, winter nights are like freezers, and cars on both sides of the road are frosted and icy when you get back to your home.Back in Taiwan Kailo often feel swethed to heat exhaustion!Not summer hot to want to soak in the cold water mood I believe that everyone will feel the same, I think I may also be careless lying about the power of the weather when the British meet to even extend a lot of topics to infect it!

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