Into the Remote Area: The Road from Nursing to Art Healing

Thank you To Tzu Chi University First Nations Student Resource Center Li Chunxuan Director, thank you for giving Kailo the opportunity to return to his alma mater as the first lecture of this multi-cultural lecture, I am glad to be able to come back and share with my classmates after I left school this from nursing to expressive art healing journey, hope to let students for the nursing profession to open up different possibilities, the most important and highest priority, is to re-acquaint themselves and take good care of themselves.

Photo: One-to-one art psychotherapy a week in upper left; art healing for children in the upper right; creative education for women in middle-aged and upper left tribes; and training in expressive art therapy at HKS school in Lower Right Germany

Lecture Theme: Into the Hometown: The Road from Nursing to Art Healing

18:00-20:00 Beijing time, March 29, 107: Hualien Tzu Chi Universi
ty International Conference Hall Object:
About 300 first-class students on campus

Instructor Profile:

Margaret University, Edinburgh, Edinburgh (Queen Magritte University) Master of Arts Psychotherapy, Hochschule f?r K?nste im Sozialen, Ottersberg (Interactive Expression A
rt Institute) Interactive Arts and Drama Therapy, Visual Arts Semester Certificate, Public Department, Social Welfare Unit, School Healing Lectures and Group Collaboration: Mental Health, Witnesschildren, women’s riot control, y
outh parent-child groups, etc., healing expertise: psychological motivation orientation, expression allotment of artistic healin
g, leading young children, children, adolescents, women, the elderly and professionals to relieve healing groups, cross-cultural ethnic groups and creative health education

Introduction to the lecture:

Carol has studied in clinical critical care over the past decade and has studied in expressive art therapy for more than a decade, and has long focused on the issues of the original population, and the most effective way to study the world’s natives is “cultural healing” and look forward to the people who need the services she has learned.Children who spent the year with the arts with the tribe, and who led the Scottish remote agency Child Protection Order and the Disadvantaged Women’s Art Therapy Internship Group for one year before going abroad, learn edged the family to our roots and the term Loma, which we used in tribal healing, as the Aramey word for “home” and looked forward to family-centric healing services.Future students to become helperworkers face the physical and mental pressure of individual cases, but also need to use art as a medium to express their inner feelings, explore themselves, to help themselves to promote the balance of the body and mind.

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