Event: The Beautiful Tribe of the Innermost South – Art Expression Cultural Healing Group

At the invitation of Ms. Luo Shufen, the alma mater of Grateful Carol (Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology), the Lida Tribe, the beautiful tribe that is about to travel to the innermost ring of the mountains in the south, has the breathtaking Passamountain Tunnel and the Wild Creek Hot Springs- Chestnut Hot Springs, which have to be reached through mountains and mountains.Together with the alma mater’s Indigenous students to the innermost lied atribe, the Bonong people will lead the adult and children’s artistic expression cultural healing community, but also thanks to the Ministry of Health care of the First Nations Mental Health Promotion Program, so that the original generally underappreciated Aboriginal mental health level has this opportunity to be concerned.

Photo: Event venue at Lida Primary School in Fulu Primary School, Taitung County
Video: Visiting The Clouds in The South Yokosuka
Photo: Mysterious Spring-Lisong Springs buried in the Lirice Tribe This photo cite s the mysterious wil[台東]d spring from autumn and winter and early spring, and the sea end of the sea – Chestnut Pine Springs

It is a pleasure to have this honor able to go to Lida to lead two groups, adult and children’s art expression healing workshop.In 2013 Carol in the search for the original home art companionship program implementation location, but also contacted the South Hengtai 20 line here the school, did not expect to come true many years later, everything is fate!

Although there are some friends with the Bunong people to get along with the experience, but for the sake of prudence, or seriously crawled the text, studied a night about the Taboo customs of the Bunong people sex, did not expect to be so much.In fact, we go abroad, we will also do homework to understand other people’s culture, the same, before entering the tribe, it is also necessary, so as not to violate the taboo of others, it is disrespectful.

A few days ago dream of Friday night missed the train, worried about the next day in case the only 7:30 a.m. passenger train to go to the tribe how to do, how to get there with the group, in the dream has been checking that night there is no other fastest train to catch up.So I decided to take a day off to prepare early, the first day to Guanshan, the next day with the team up the mountain, first put their settle down ready for their own energy, bless and bunong healing groups smoothly.

Video: Bunon customs and taboos

This is is health health health project for An indigenous in 2017 who is run by the Ministry of health and Welfare. I’m go to a mountain village for indigenous healing workshop. I’m grateful for people that i met and i’m also also expecting for this.

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