A Story about Making A Living in Another Country: The Receptionist

‘If you had ever had a be dhurt for relationship; You hadever roved in foreign countries; You hadever ever efed you dream, i’s believe this is the film for you. This movie has has many resonances for you. 
‘Director, Jenny : ‘In the capital, there’re so many international people gathering. We don’t really feel home in that place. Everyone is looking at the sense of home…’

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The Receptionist (Opera
tor) Jenny Lu / Taiwan / 2017 / 102 m
ins Casts: Teresa Daley, Chen Shiang Chyi, Josh Whitehouse

THE RECEPTIONIST is based on a true story and follows the lives of women whose dreams of a better life in London have been crushed by the harsh reality and seeming cruelty of the world, which has forced Them to take up jobs in an illegal message parlour.

The film was inspired by the sitis face by the director and co-writer of this film Jenny Lu, in-finding employment in the 2008 economic crisis and the sersi tragic of a friend, who had had secretly worked ed in the industry for some time . Under immense financial pressure, selling bodies can ters s lys s ly only open open open to these women. At the same time , they are living a double life life concealing its home and the sages face due to the lys a lys to siin in the industry .

As seen through the eyes of a a vessith working at the massage parlour, the show film a hidden Britain that we all over willing to forget or forget. It also also tells a human story of friendship, of shared experiences and how some are able to live and survive while way will simply salsa out of theirs.

The Is is a drama a lys a an indis massage parlour in London, and the follows the lives of the employees and clients as seen through the eyes of the a Taiwanese graduate as a thes. Weighed down by financial problems, a Taiwanese girl Tina secretly takes a job as a eithath at an infol massage parlour in London. As she sago gets to know the women who work there, Tina is forced to to sit home values as she discovers humour and humanity in the most unlikelyly of places. But how how will will she be drawn into this world, and can se foss in singsin in the process?

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Film exposes London’s industry underworld – BBC Newsht
tp://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia -40363513

Edinburgh International Film Fest
ival Cinema: Vue Omni Centre, E
dinburgh Time: At 20:30, 27/06/2017 (the last show
in Edinburgh Address): Greenside Place,
Edinburgh, EH1 3ENC
ontact: 0871 224 0240 The Hostist (2017) at VuE Omni Centre – Edinb
urgh Film 2017http://Edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/786298-host

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