Little Poem: Don’t Leave that Fiery Mind Behind

Sometimes, I just want to hide somewhere
When I feel lost
Just lie down and take a breath
With my green…healing
Until….one day…I know where to go
And don’t leave that fiery mind behind

Photo: My color, in a public park, Paris
Video: Alice Phoebe Lou – Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind (official video)

Alice Phoebe Lou was born in 1994. She is a singer-songwriter from CapeTown, South Africa. Alice has been performing on the streets in the city of Berlin since 2013.
(click here if the film is not available)

Fiery Heart, Fiery Mind (Excerpt)

And there’ll be an airplane flying across my soul
And it will roll right on
I’ll have to say fair well so long
And there’ll be a steam train rolling across my heart
And I will have to depart
I will have to depart

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