Coming soon: Into the Remote Area – Art Companion Shortfilm

From 2013 to the establishment of Loma’s small village art predecessor team, to the start of the shooting plan, after the planning period, operation period (including shooting), post-production period, correction period, we encountered a lot of difficulties, including the different image specifications, the change of shooting personnel, the damage of the rear equipment, and finally we finally in the total production period of nearly two years The vital work of bringing about the future of Loma’s small village art and recruiting more children to serve their hometown has been accomplished.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the first documentary microfilm of Loma’s Komura Art, which has not yet been released, will be released to all of us who support us this weekend because of the many surprises that have yet to be released.

In the nearly 15-minute film, there are many people’s support and encouragement, more Loma’ Komura Art wants to complete with everyone’s dreams and goals, next, and Loma’ Komura Art together look forward to the arrival of the weekend!

Video: Trailer Into Th[Loma’]e Remote Area-Smnoy of Arts Palenting Into the hometown: the original country art companion video

Update: Correcting the official name of Loma’ Taiwan.

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