Loma' Taiwan officially opens!

Photo: Luno Township Library, Taitung County Child Care Promotion: I Have a Nest

After a long construction, Loma’ Taiwan’s official website is finally on the way!

Loma’ is Amey, meaning home, and fits well with the idea that the original art company wants to accompany the child’s growth, so the final team name is Loma’ and the full name is ‘Loma’ Taiwan’.

Although still in the correction and testing, while some of the information is still being constructed, but the basic operation is no problem!

In addition, the site is also associated with Loma’ Taiwan predecessor: the Facebook community “Home Art Companion Zone”, and set up a new fan group: Loma’ Taiwan fan page, hoping to synchronize to provide more perfect, more suitable for the needs of the children of the original first-hand message.

Hope you can give more encouragement, thank you!

Update: Fix Loma’ Taiwan’s official name

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