Please keep a good heart that can’t bear the suffering of others.

Do I wonder if anyone would feel sorry for seeing a title like “Tammei Shinkansen” like Kellogg?Instead of pressing a happy smiley face!This image is from the Weather Risk Weather Fan Page, founded by Dr. Peng Qiming in 2003 and is also a weather anchor for a well-known Buddhist television station.Somehow, while others are suffering, … Read more

The embodiment of traditional culture: Tjakudayi – Let’s talk about love

Watan Tusi, also artistic director of TAI Body Theatre, is also an artist from the Lishan tribe.Dusit), this director’s work Tjakudayi I love what you say?Is a work from 2013 began to germinate and cultivate works, a group of TAI group members to and from the Pingdong to Yixiang row Bay tribe, to learn from … Read more

Into the Remote Area: The Road from Nursing to Art Healing

Thank you To Tzu Chi University First Nations Student Resource Center Li Chunxuan Director, thank you for giving Kailo the opportunity to return to his alma mater as the first lecture of this multi-cultural lecture, I am glad to be able to come back and share with my classmates after I left school this from … Read more

Event: The Beautiful Tribe of the Innermost South – Art Expression Cultural Healing Group

At the invitation of Ms. Luo Shufen, the alma mater of Grateful Carol (Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology), the Lida Tribe, the beautiful tribe that is about to travel to the innermost ring of the mountains in the south, has the breathtaking Passamountain Tunnel and the Wild Creek Hot Springs- Chestnut Hot Springs, … Read more

A Story about Making A Living in Another Country: The Receptionist

‘If you had ever had a be dhurt for relationship; You hadever roved in foreign countries; You hadever ever efed you dream, i’s believe this is the film for you. This movie has has many resonances for you. ‘Director, Jenny : ‘In the capital, there’re so many international people gathering. We don’t really feel home in … Read more

Loma’ Taiwan 2016 Tour and Workshop (Eastern, Southern)

Experience of using art to accompany children in rural Taiwan and Scotland Introduction: Carol’s “Home Art Companion Project” in eastern Taiwan in 2013-14, using art to accompany groups of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly in the countryside, sees more remote areas, inadequate resources, family needs, and travels to Edinburgh in 2014 to study art psychotherapy … Read more

Little Poem: Don’t Leave that Fiery Mind Behind

Sometimes, I just want to hide somewhereWhen I feel lostJust lie down and take a breathWith my green…healingUntil….one day…I know where to goAnd don’t leave that fiery mind behind Alice Phoebe Lou was born in 1994. She is a singer-songwriter from CapeTown, South Africa. Alice has been performing on the streets in the city of Berlin … Read more

Coming soon: Into the Remote Area – Art Companion Shortfilm

From 2013 to the establishment of Loma’s small village art predecessor team, to the start of the shooting plan, after the planning period, operation period (including shooting), post-production period, correction period, we encountered a lot of difficulties, including the different image specifications, the change of shooting personnel, the damage of the rear equipment, and finally … Read more

Loma Taiwan official website is about to run

After some previous operational testing and setup, Loma’ Taiwan is about to officially enter full operation, and all future information will work with Facebook fans to provide information about arts and cultural care At the same time, we also need you and we refuel, work together for the children! I hope you have more support! … Read more

Loma' Taiwan officially opens!

After a long construction, Loma’ Taiwan’s official website is finally on the way! Loma’ is Amey, meaning home, and fits well with the idea that the original art company wants to accompany the child’s growth, so the final team name is Loma’ and the full name is ‘Loma’ Taiwan’. Although still in the correction and … Read more