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Program: Alian 96.3 Aboriginal Radio – Goodnight!Pacific!
Moderator: Dr. Superman (Dr. Xu Chaobin, Taitung Daren Township Initiative Genan
Back Hospital) Date: 2018.11.9 (Fri) 22:00-23:00 Theme: Interview with the Or
iginal Township Art Companion Program

Below can be heard directly online, welcome to listen to the text after the message to share the heart

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Photo: Kellogg poses with Superman in front of the Aboriginal radio station

Whenever the tribe's friends call edited The Kailo artist, in fact, the heart is quite happy, perhaps when I was a child my wish is to hope to be a painter, but also a small dream!This program is the southernmost end of Taitung advocateXingjinan south hospital, Dr. Xu Chaobin (Dr. Superman), Thanksgiving Superman doctor's invitation, Kailo how he is honored to be with you, Kylo promised to attend this interview, in fact, want to encourage Dr. Xu's composition is more than their own, Kailo is just a small person, along the way the hardships compared with you, Not enough to hang teeth at all.From a determined physician to return to his hometown to serve in the future, to set up a small regional hospital (only 20 beds), but no government and consortium of legal persons willing to invest in this non-profit-oriented cause, in a resource-poor area Of The Guernan back to the hospital's ambition, Dr. Xu Chaobin's story is to let The O'kelow heart to the source of the under-resourced area to serve the seed germination, Perhaps Kylo chose a choice that might have been a health, money, and a happy life that would have been easy to live.

Right!We're all fools!

Photo: In 2013, Kylo attended A.M.A. Doctor's Speech at Yangming University School of Medicine

Over the years have known some people, are with the TED speaker, has a different life from the average person, but the common point is to create a love society, adhere to the ideal of the extraordinary people, in the process of encountering difficulties and obstacles or opposition to the voice, its hardships are ordinary people can not understand, the so-called hero road is always lonely.Remember that in 2013, before my friends recommended Kylo Bing to listen to Dr. Superman's speech, I was actually very moved to sneak to Dr. Xu's limited speech at TEDxTaipei 2013 flip Flip Life (see video below).In this corner of society, how many people will take the initiative to care about the people here, the needs here?

Video: TEDxTaipei 2013 Flip Flip Life Unlimited

Thank you all these years silently support Loma' small village art, this time Carol how he is honored to be able to let Dr. Superman invited to radio interview, thinking of their own Ho De can have a story to share with the audience, thank you Dr. Superman's value, know that I have long been concerned about tribal affairs, plus 2013-2014 Before going abroad, the water-source dinghies in Xiulin Township, Hualien County, implemented the "Original Village Art Companion Program" (see the film below), which is a Tairuge, and the plan is mainly to accompany the children in this village with art, and also lead middle-aged and senior groups, creative health education, after-school tutoring classes for young people, etc. In fact, this plan is not a credit to Kellogg, but a lot of expressive art healing friends, as well as a lot of good-hearted people on the Internet donated second-hand creative materials, as well as Hualien local university graduate students and volunteers with love to accompany the children in the village.

Video: Into the Countryside – The Art Coaching Program

Kellogg was once a nurse, in the ward engaged in the first line of intensive care department nursing work has been 10 years, nearly 10 years at home and abroad long-term research and study expressive art to do self-care, in most people are still playing time, Kylo is a cold window to study, study.As a result of the long-term concern for the issue of the indigenous people, gradually developed the first-ethnic cultural healing, in this field the world's relevant literature is not much, but also hope that they can be more capable and powerful to do the right thing.Most of them are a person in the hometown of self-advocacy and quietly to professionals to promote the long-term learning of the integrated methods, such as cross-cultural issues, the importance of cultural healing, hope that these front-line workers into the village of the Indigenous people, a little more empathy.

The show's Superhero doctor has repeatedly said that we are all fools, because we are on a road to no return.That year's partial township art counseling program, long-term run east of Kellogg, is currently also training domestic violence relative straining, hope that they can contribute to learn.Kylo today will go on this road everyone called fools no money, not for their own!Perhaps just silly, see the need for personal and spiritual suffering, do not give up also feel the same, hope that they can grow a little more strength, under the current policy of the Taiwan National Government, how much can do, how much their own small strength.Professionals are welcome to serve in under-resourced areas, please use your energy where you need them, because there is more dedicated professionals to support, and with a heart, is a heart that can contenable the suffering of others and love.

Finally, from the article of Dr. Superman, share son: "I will
always remember the moment when my grandmother, known as the God Doctor, died, I clasped her hand and asked her to pass the magic of medicine to me, and my ear came to my grandmother's gentle voice: "Boy!"The true meaning of medical care is empathetic!』」

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