2019 Loma' Small Village Art and Cultural Care Program

2013-2014, Loma's small village art we to Hualien County Xiulin Township, a Tailuge tribe, in addition to the main use of art to accompany the children's plans, divided into kindergarten groups and small and low-grade groups, the squatting mode, invited people in the village to experience the power of art together, the clanfelt that this model is not so direct, but can be very comfortable to express the inner thoughts, but also let us have been To this day, i have been in contact with the people in the village, whether creative and healthy.

Figure: Iggy Brother's Pro-Tour of "Taluma' Homecoming – 110th Anniversary Special Exhibition of the Battle of the Seven Feet of the River"
2019 Loma's Cultural Care Plan Advance

That year had inadvertently visited the nearby seven-foot sichuan tribe, because of the preference for the original folk art Carol, saw one of the whole wood building sand and beautiful wood carvings, boldly knocked on the door of the leader's home, did not expect fate in many years later quietly pulled up, carelessly also deep into this unknown history" The Battle of Seven Feet Chuan, arguably the worst in Taiwan's colonial history, took place in 1908, allowing the "Seven-Foot Chuan Society Cikasuan", the most powerful society to live comfortably in the South Amey community, attacked the society with heavy Japanese fire in order to occupy fertile land.Also because of this campaign, so that the people of the seven-foot sichuan community lost a lot of traditional culture, the war let the clansmen lost their homes, lost traditional culture, the clansmen also scattered, and the people of that year more to conceal their identity to find another survival, so forgotten for more than 100 years.

By different colonists to take advantage of the war and inter-ethnic checks and balances, its traditional field in the Chilai Plain about 350 hectares, under the Japanese strategy of the destruction of the community occupied land to establish Yoshino Village, about 1,600 people fled, this incident is the Japanese actively develop the east, while continue to be persecuted by the first indigenous people in Taiwan.Through art, the descendants of the battle can be released from the pain of history, take care of their souls with culture, and hope that the programme will be presented to promote understanding, respect and empathy among the communities in this land.The Battle of The Seven Feet Chuan was one of the worst events in Taiwan's colonial history, but it was forgotten for more than 100 years, when the clansmen hid their identities and found other things to survive, until nearly a decade of curatorial work learned from the old man's mouth about historical fragments.The Seven Footsagawa Society was once the most powerful of the Amey ethnic group in Nansai.

Now, we participate in the Xinyi Housing District – 2019 National Social Action Plan network popular vote, has started voting activities in 2019/07/01 (a).

Voting has ended on 8/11, please for Loma's Small Village Art, at the same time thank you for your support, thank you!

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