Reuzhou Chang'an Branch: Parent-Child Learning: The Art Expression of Communication Between Parents and Children

Reuzhou Chang'an Branch Lecture: Parent-Child Learning – Art Expression of Parent-Child Communication

Do you remember the news in early 2019 that "the meat circle didn't spice up his wife and daughter, LuZhou's hard father was sued"?Luzhou has a father to buy children meat round, son to buy home, but for meat round without spicy is repaired, even the wife was violent treatment.

Loma's small village art has long been concerned about family-related issues, and specially cooperates with the parent-child groups of the Luzhou Chang'an Branch of the New Taipei Municipal Library, expressing their inner feelings through art and other means, so as to relax, relieve pressure and thus enhance parent-child relations.

This time the group, it is an honor to apply to two teachers to participate, Carol has been studying and participating in long-term art healing workshop since 2007, in addition to the East China Sea University art psychotherapy master's degree course, but also to study in Edinburgh and Germany, England Another Guo Fang is one of Carol's early business art therapy book (2008-2014) partners, and later went to London, England to study art psychotherapy, please look forward to.

Photo: Carol studied at the German Academy of Interactive Expression Sini

Date: 2019.9.28 (Sat.) 14:00-16:00 Theme: Parent-child co-learning – art expression of communicati
on between parents: Luzhou Chang'an Branch Address: 96 Chang
'an Street, New Taipei City, 3rd
floor, multi-purpose classroom Transportation: MRT Luzhou Main Station, tran
sfer to the capital passenger bus 14, Zhongyi Temple Station get off the bus walk 2 minutes activity obj
ect: children: 7-10 years old (national primary to fourth grade) paren
ts: main caregiver or grandparents (limited to 15 pairs of parent-child, a total of 30, full)

Leader: Assistant Lecturer of Carol Teacher, Body And Mind Worker, Nurse, Free A
rt Creator: Art Therapist, Part-time Illustrator, Mr. Guo Fangjun

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ourse messages:


  1. Remind you that this activity is not therapeutic, primarily for the relief experience.
  2. On-site for the floor, it is recommended to wear pants, not easy to get dirty clothes or bring their own aprons.
  3. Due to the different age development of children, this session is limited to 7-10 years (national grades 1 to 4).
  4. 2019.9(I)08:30 Open online registration, full system automatically shut down does not accept registration!
  5. Next event preview: 2019.11.9 (Vi) "With me – The Art of Expression between the Elder and the Companion", invite the elderly and major companions to sign up for the experience, please continue to pay attention to Loma' Small Village Art website.

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