Exploratory Research Program for Aboriginal Youth Art Healing Group

(2019.10.18 Re-shelvesed)

Remember that in 2016 Kailo just returned to Taiwan a month ago ran to Taitung University to report the paper – flip the edge of the opening of innovation bureau social enterprises and East Taiwan humanities practice seminar successfully concluded, what is the honor of Carol's thesis is seconded to Taitung University of human scholars Jiang Bin teacher to comment, after the evening meeting will be dinner Jiang Bin teacher when Carol Say, "I like the subject matter of your paper and the content."It is an incredible honor and great encouragement to be appreciated by such a great scholar!It also allows Carol to step down on the path of emotional anthropology.

Photo: Carol's paper at the 2016.10 National Taitung University Symposium

Kylo's article published at this seminar: The exploratory research program of the Art Healing Group to promote the healthy development of the minds of Indigenous youth under Taiwan's education system, this indigenous theme paper has been quietly working for more than a year, because the relevant literature is not much, but also make this article more difficult, the following excerpt scribm.

Seminar Name: 2016 Flip Edge, Open Innovation Bureau – Social Enterprise and East Taiwan Humanities Practice Seminar

  • Seminar Date: October 14-15, 2016 (
    Fri., Sat) (Carol's Section: 2016.10.14 3rd A 14:00-15:10)
  • Venue: National Taitung University (Chiben) Faculty of Humanities / Renab Humanities Lecture Hall
  • Address: 369 Taitung University Road, 2nd Section
  • Title: Exploratory Research Program for the Improvement of the Healthy Development of The First Nations Youth in Taiwan's Education System
  • Keywords: Art Healing, High Care Classes, Teenagers, Middle School Students, Taiwan Natives, Physical and Mental Health, Cultural Healing


The indigenous people of Taiwan are the birthplace of the South Island language family (Blundell 2011), rich in diverse indigenous cultures, and there are currently 16 ethnic groups officially recognized by the Executive Council (The Council of First Nations of the Executive Council 2016), because of the changes in history that have made the indigenous people who originally lived here a minority, in policy, Under the rapid social and economic transformation of the First Nations also became a socially marginalized people (Munsterhjelm 2002).

In view of the limited research on psychology of Taiwan's indigenous people, most of them only point out the possible psychological state of the first nations, and the international research on indigenous youth is mostly stuck in the psychological state of the discussion, such as the Chinese-dominated society under the multicultural education (multicultural ethnic identity and self-fulfilment, mental health (anger, anxiety and suicide) and culture-based healing, with little or only partial exploration of ways to promote physical and mental health, are the basis for exploratory qualitative research, through artistic healing and the inclusion of Aboriginal culture, For the indigenous youth under the current education system in Taiwan, the development of ways to promote the sound development of the body and mind.This study was conducted by young people (13 to 15 years and above) in the middle-stage high-care classes of the Eastern Taiwan First Nations, using the study of the impact of art healing groups on the sound development of Aboriginal youth, and in conjunction with the ministry's existing policy of high-care classes, to adopt a closed group of 5-8 people, and to take a 2-hour group of group art healing every two hours every two weeks. A one-year continuing art healing group that records the process of youth participation in a group, an analytical record using the group art healing process, and an assessment of the supervision of art healing.

Photo: Agenda for the 2016 Flip Edge, Opening innovation bureau – Social Enterprise and East Taiwan Humanities Practice Seminar

  • Seminar: Social Enterprise and Eastern Taiwan Practical in Cultural and Human Conference
  • Date: 14-15th of Oct, 2016
    (Carol's report at 14:00-15:10 on 14th of Oct, 2016)
  • Location: National Tatung University
  • Report Topic: Art Healing Group Intervention in Taiwanese Ed System for Indigenous Peoples to Enhance Well-being
  • Essay Key Words: Art Healing, Intensive Care Program, Teenager, Drop-out Student, Taiwan Indigenous Peoples, Well-being, Cultural Healing

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