Reuzhou Chang'an Branch with me – Art Relief between the Elder and the Companion

Unfortunately in 2018.10 Social News "74 The old woman killed the husband case to take a long picture of sad songs, a so-called long-picture sad song, this time occurred in Luzhou, a long-term need to care for multiple obstacles and a variety of chronic ally of the old partner, do not know their long-term silent burden of the family, these pressures have no opportunity to timely relieve, depression has reached severe depression (Wen for severe depression is not for DSM-5 is diagnosed with mental illness, which should be severe depression, but no one is involved in care until the tragedy happens.

Note: Carol is less inclined to use the diagnostic name to give people labels, because worry, depression, nervous ness as long as there are people, these are only a degree of confusion, more important is to understand the dissolving of emotions and seek support.

The article concludes with the reference to "the reluctance or reluctance of Chen's surname and her family to seek help, and the very low rate of such cases, which makes it difficult for relevant government agencies to provide assistance, is clearly a serious problem."The Ministry of Health and the Police Department should, in response to such problems, develop effective countermeasures to identify high-risk cases as soon as possible and give effective support and assistance in due course.In addition to the government, but also need you and I he pay attention to the needs of the people around, take the initiative to care!

This incident let us think deeply, to avoid long-shot sad songs, timely relief and accessibility of the pipeline is two key outside, often on the road to pull a knife to deal with the scene of the car accident for Carol is already strange, the recent incident or will learn the nursing and consultation skills of the two-pronged, finally persuaded to go to the ambulance, No wonder Iggy Aegypti, who is honored to be the first person to work on the history of seven feet, appreciates Carol's "spirit of the Cikasuan Warrior Feather Legend".If we as a society can lower their heads in the communication software chat people, more active care for those who suspect those who need assistance around, I believe that Taiwan will be better, the following is the course message.

Have you not had a good night's sleep for a long time, in addition to feeling tired, often feel uncomfortable or inexplicably irritable.For the elderly, in addition to living with chronic diseases, many may also need psychological care.

Many times in fact need to be taken care of, but is the object of long-term care, we all hope to be useful, and always have some end, in view of the current social structure, economic and other conditions, we need to have more willing to care for friends around, can take the initiative to care for those widowed and lonely, because these people in need, It is very much necessary to take some effort to actively excavate, this is carol back to Luzhou can do a little bit of effort in the land, the need for the love of the community together to actively explore the needs of people, to protect each family.

The rate of aging of Taiwan's population means that more companions will be put into care, and for those who spend the long term on physical, mental, family, economic and other stress, whether the caregiver or companion needs to be properly relieved by the pipeline, so that the curriculum learns to relax in the hope of reducing family tragedy or physical and mental exhaustion.

Photo: Carol teacher relaxes with music meditation for the elderly at the Seven Foot Sichuan Tribe's Wenjian Station in Hualien

Theme: Art Relief With Me – Art Rel
ief between The Elderand and Your Companion: 14:
00-16:00, 108 November 09, 108 (Sat) 14:00-16:00

  • Venue: Chang'an Branch of Tuluzhou, New Taipei City
  • Address: 96 Chang'an Street, 3rd Floor, Luzhou District, New Taipei City, Multi-purpose Classroom
  • (The entrance is at the Signboard of Chang'an Community Development Association)
  • Transportation: MRT Luzhou Main Station, transfer to the capital passenger 14 bus, Zhongyi Temple Station get off 2 minutes walk
  • Participants: 1 elder and 1 companion.Companion (gender, age), elderly person situated for long-term care, whose body is assessed as sub-healthy, debilitating, mildly mentally ill
  • Number of people: Registration is dominated by an elderand and a companion, 15 pairs of 30

Registration method: 2019.10.21 open registration, with the New Taipei Municipal Library loan card, to Chang'an, Yongping or Yong'an Branch, telephone or network registration, the total amount.

Online registration: or sweep-QR Code.

Remind you that this event is not therapeutic!

Leader: Loma' Small Village Art Director/Caregiver/Freelance Creator Carol Teacher Assistant Le
cturer: Art Therapist/Part-time Illustrator, Teacher Guo Fangjun

Photo: Campaign Posters

Note: 1
. Remind you that this activity is not therapeutic, primarily for the relief experience.
2. Please wear clothes that are not easy to get dirty or bring your own apron.
3. The content of the two events is the same, please check each pair to one.
4. The activity area has the elevator as barrier-free space, the classroom is equipped with tables and chairs to use.
5. Language is not limited to countries, Taiwan, English are available, other language escorts need to assist in translation.
6. Remind motorists that the paid parking lot next to the library is limited to 150 cm.
7. Accept telephone and on-site registration, Luzhou Yongping Hall: 02-2847-9964

Finally, the young British singer, born in 1996, and the pianist and composer Birdy, sang the Song People Help The People (Human Shelps Humans), and a song Carol loved because she had a hard life and could watch the MV feel Bir. dy wants to convey the mood through this song.

Birdy – People Help The People [Official Music Video]

God knows what is hiding in this world of little overover
the tears, inside the lies a tho
usand sally dying sunse tsGod
knows what is hiding in those e weak and drunken hearts
Guess the lalone came knocking n
o needs to be, alone oh Singin's pe

ople help the people a
nd if you're homesick,
give me you hand and i'll hold i
t people help people'
s Nott will d rag you down

God knows what's hidden behind the tears in that l
ucky world Lies a thousand s
lowly dying sunset days know wh
at's hidden in those tired and drunk hearts I guess l
onely knocking on the doo
r No one needs to be alone singing peo

ple to help each othe
r so if you want to home give me the hand I'll hold peopl
e to help each other n
othing will drag you down

The lyrics are translated from the following website
s and turned over well to see the full version of "People Help The Lyrics".

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